The Comic

Fetishman is the UK’s finest fetish-that-isn’t-porn humorous comic featuring the latex-clad superhero who repeatedly fails to fight crime due to being clad in his restrictive latex outfit.

Fetishman is now a bi-annual 32 page comic with an online version and a loyal fan base covering a wide spectrum of subcultures including fetishists, goths, steampunks and other comics fans and creators.

In a world where sexual freedom is fighting hard against increasing online restrictions, the existence of a comic like Fetishman and how it treats fetish-related themes becomes even more important. Aside from his main job of fighting crime, badly, so very badly, Fetishman also tackles topical themes; for example Fetishman #7: the Banned issue mines the comedy gold of the 2008 Criminal Justice & Immigration Bill to discuss the absurdity of the Extreme Pornography Laws and its impact on art.

Fetishman issue 7 Kickstarter

The Kickstarter

As of April 2015 there are 18 issues of Fetishman, all of which have been independently published by Doctor Geof (as has all of the art and other comics he’s ever created). Fans and newcomers alike have become increasingly interested in, and supportive of, having a “full set” of the comics, but producing something of this scale presents a challenge for an independent artist.

Whilst reprinting each of the first 10 issues is an option, Doctor Geof’s passion to create amazing things lies at the core of everything he produces, and he has wanted to make something else even more beautiful and representative of the Fetishman world for some time. Finally, he realised the best way to bring the rude, rubbery and ridiculous world of Fetishman to fans and newcomers alike would be to create a Filthology; a 300+ page compendium featuring issues 1 to 10 of Fetishman, flyer artwork, historical and new sketches, discussion, and answers to so many of the questions about Fetishman fans have asked me over the past 11 years.

With your help he wants to use Kickstarter to make the Fetishman Filthology a reality, and produce something utterly beautiful and lasting that includes Fetishman’s formative years.


The Creator

Doctor Geof

Doctor Geof (aka Dr Geof Banyard, yes actual Dr, no, not that kind, thankfully) is a physicist turned artist and comics creator, alternative historian and museum forger. Over the last decade he’s created a series of comics including the award-winning Steampunk Literary Review, built and exhibited his Tea Museum under the Cutty Sark, and guested & traded at dozens of conventions across the UK including MCM Comic Con, Dysprosium and the London Film & Comic Con. His full artist bio can be found in the press section.

Read his full artist CV in the press section

“Using fiction we can examine what ‘true history’ can be by talking about feasible and implausible fake histories.” – Dr Geof