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Waking up on saturday and remembering how utterly amazing you guys have been did, I’ll admit, blow my tiny mind. You’re amazing! I’M GONNA SNUGGLE YOU SO HAAAARD! Since then I’ve been re-building my tiny mind (I’ve had a lot of tea, I’ve been a tank, I’ve helped Sara decorate a room, the usual) and so the time has come to talk about …

Stretch Goals!

Right at the start of the project we discussed a variety of designs for the Filthology and, sensibly, decided that these were the ridiculous ravings of a mad person. However, that was before you beautiful humans went and funded it all in 10 hours! Bleeeee! So, LET THE RAVINGS COMMENCE!

£9,000 – And Fetishman Shall Know His Place!

… and yours too! When reading your copy of the Fetishman Filthology that is! If we reach the astounding target of £9,000 we’ll include a Kickstarter exclusive Fetishman latex rubber bookmark by Mico Couture with all tiers from the £25 Soft Filthology and above! Also: another Kickstarter exclusive postcard for all tiers from the £25 Soft Filthology and above; and a digital e-book of the Fetishman comic issue #11 for every tier from the £10 Virtual Filthology and above.

£? – And Beyond?

For stretch goals above the £9,000 mark, the 3 core concepts I’d truly love to achieve are enhancements to the Fetishman Filthology itself: add more pages of content, improve the cover with a spot varnish (squeee! so pretty!), and if we could possibly manage it, make it physically larger, taking it from an a5 tome to an enormous a4 tome! What I don’t want to do today is jump the gun, so I’m going to check the costings in the next few days and get the new stretch goals up early next week.

Anyhooo, thank you for all your support and your patience as we adjust to your mighty generosity, you guys rock!

x Gf