Thank you! Check back tomorrow for the next stretch goals (because first there must be maths! Maths!!!!)(woohoo!) but first, rest proudly in the knowledge that you’ve made an unassuming (*cough*) 41 year old artist-scientist very happy. The filthology is going to be brilliant! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

And while we’re at it – have Fetishman Fact-of-the-Day! #3

Is it Lactose Intolerant Boy or Lactose Intolerance Boy?

To my mind the former would just describe a human with lactose intolerance, whereas a superhero sidekick would need to have some kind of “super lactose intolerance power” and so the latter is correct.
On the other hand Lactose Intolerance Boy is based on a real person so who knows.