Fetishman Fact-of-the-Day! #4

Fetishman is called such because Geof figured it was, as a name, just rubbish enough to truly embody the core ethos.

Fetishman is a contradiction: essentially a rubbish hero, physically incapacitated by his own costume and constantly torn between fulfilling his own fetish-y needs and actually rescuing people, whilst, at the same time, utterly buoyed by self-belief. What I wanted was a name that sounded dramatic enough, but at heart betrayed the rubbishness of the core concept.
The word “fetish” was perfect as it is truly the vaguest, least-accurate word to represent the breadth, depth, beauty, and intensity of alternative human sexuality. “man” claims nothing so bold as “captain” or “lord” or “empress” but is just enough to make it sound like a superhero name.