The Fetishman Kickstarter is finally here!

Well, it’s taken far too long and nowhere near enough cups of tea but we’re finally approaching the launch of the first every Fetishman Kickstarter campaign to publish the long-awaited, much-missed, pined-for, cried-over, Fetishman Filthology. In addition to the first ten, now out of print, issues, there is new material, extra sketches and the answers to those burning Fetishman questions so many of you have demanded answers to over the years.

A huge thank you for signing up to this mailing list, especially to those who signed up way back when this endeavour was just a glint of a pin wheel in Mistress Domination’s cold, dead eyes. We’re hugely sorry it’s taken us this long to get in touch. Very sorry, like we need a good, hard spanking to make us realise just how sorry we are…

Where were we? Yes, from here on in Team Geof, aka Geof, Harry, and Sara, will be making sure you guys get regular updates and the latest news on the Kickstarter, including exclusive sneak peaks at some of the Kickstarter launch material as we draw closer to the official launch date.

Which we can finally tell you is, wait for it, waaaaaiiit…


1st May 2015


As we’re only a couple of weeks from launch we’d love you guys to share this info to people you think need more smut in their lives, or have a certain fondness for rubber-clad superheroes or rubber-clad ladies, or tea, or graphic novels, or poking fun at ridiculous Government legislation over freedom, did we say tea already?

– Love Team Geof
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Kickstarter projects we love

In the meantime – There’s some awesome comics and arts projects on KS right now, here are a few of our recommendations for ones to check out:
Food Porn created by a team of fantastic ladies who had gone all out on the erotic comics front
Junior Scientist Power Hour, Volume 1, by Abby Howard is as always, an utter delight.